Recent harsh weather conditions have hit parts of Britain with catastrophic impact, claiming lives, property and money.

Amidst the pain and loss, British communities have responded with the unyielding Dunkirk spirit. The diverse faith groups, ethnicities and races that make up Great Britain have united to help those affected and are working side-by-side in affected villages across the UK.

Yesterday Sikh and Muslim volunteers waded through the mud and water to lay sandbags in Worcester. Commenting on the work of the volunteers Kevin Purcell, Policing superintendent for North Worcestershire, said:

”Very generous gesture by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, donating large number of blankets to troops on flood effort in Worcester. Your gift and the significance it bears is noted! Troops, police and community truly appreciative. My words may be kind, they are just words, your action and deeds are so much more.”
Earlier in the week soldiers, members of a local Church and volunteers from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association worked tirelessly to clear and fortify St. Pauls Church in Staines. Members of the Muslim group were later invited to say their Congregational prayers in the same church.
On Friday a group of volunteers from the same Muslim group worked with the local community to prepare St. Peter’s Church in Chertsey so that a local wedding could go ahead.
Mudassar Ahmad, a youth leader for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association said:
”Several hundred of our volunteers have taken time off work to travel hundreds of miles to assist with relief efforts. I can’t describe how touched we have all been by the warmth of the communities and people we have assisted. We are proud to be able to work alongside other faith groups and the army.”
Cllr Shannon Saise-Marshall, Councillor at Runnymede, Chertsey, said: “I’m here at the Runnymede Council… and we are publicly thanking Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth for all their generous help. True heroes rolling up sleeves and getting on with the job. Bless you.”
Volunteers have been based in Surrey, Berkshire, Middlesex, Dorset, Somerset, and North West England. The AMYA is operating a 24 hour rota with a central team surveying the hardest hit areas and deploying volunteers, 4×4 vehicles and supplies wherever their is a need. The elderly, Churches and schools have been prioritised.
Any community in need of assistance can find details of how to contact AMYA at Donations towards the ongoing AMYA UK flood relief efforts can be made by visiting or by texting AMYA56 £5 to 70070 (texts will automatically donate £5).
For further information about AMYA’s work or for interviews, please contact:
Hazik Rahman: 07790130608