Hundreds of members of a youth group known as “Muslims for Humanity” are embarking on a mission to plant thousands of trees this weekend throughout the country. Since the inception of this initiative the group has planted nearly 100,000 trees. They aim to cross this target by this weekend.

The youth have teamed up with various conservation charities to run this campaign nationally. These include the Woodland Trust, Trees for Cities, The Conservation of Volunteers and local councils in The UK. Over a thousand volunteers, some as young as 5 years alongside their parents, from across England & Wales are taking part in their local areas.


“Muslims for Humanity”, a scheme run by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA), the oldest and largest Muslim youth group in the UK, aims to serve their fellow citizens and environment through various initiatives. They consider service to environment as a core part of their British and Islamic values. The other initiatives include youth training, homeless feeding, charity events, disaster response, elderly home visits, blood donations, collections on behalf of other UK charities and interfaith dialogues.

Mahmood Razzaq, an AMYA youth leader, said: ‘’Our volunteers have been working hard to plant as many trees as possible. We are committed to doing our bit to improve the environment and beautify the local communities we live in. It is a cause close to our hearts because Islam places enormous emphasis on taking care of the environment and particularly on the planting of trees.”

AMYA is part of the largest Islamic Caliphate in the world. It is led by the Caliph, His Holiness, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, a man of peace. Since his election to the post he has resided in London. He has been advising his millions of followers around the world to serve humanity, regardless of their background and show the way of peaceful co-existence for current and future generations.

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