A UK youth charity, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA), has been calling on local councils and communities affected by the horrific weather conditions to contact them for assistance.

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As part of the AMYA’s emergency relief initiative, more than 150 volunteers have been assisting families affected by the powerful winds and heavy rain. In some cases volunteers have travelled more than 100 miles to assist those affected in remote areas.
AMYA’s national Relief and Disaster Director, Yousaf Aftab, said:”There are more than 150 volunteers working tirelessly across the south of England and thousands of reserve volunteers waiting to help. We would like anyone who needs help, regardless of the time or location, to get in touch and we will respond.
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”We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the local communities we have been helping, like the amazing people at St Paul’s Church in Staines who let our volunteers offer their Friday prayers today in the Church. Their actions and unyielding spirit are an example of the very best of Britain.
Cllr Shannon Saise-Marshall, Councillor at Runnymede, Chertsey, said: “I’m here at the Runnymede Council now and we are publicly thanking Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth for all their generous help. True heroes rolling up sleeves and getting on with the job. Bless you.”

Volunteers have been based in Surrey, Berkshire, Middlesex, Dorset, Somerset, and North West England. The majority of the AMYA volunteers will be based in Staines today, working side-by-side with army soldiers to help with laying sandbags and clearing homes of water.The charity is operating a 24 hour rota with a central team surveying the hardest hit areas and deploying volunteers, 4×4 vehicles and supplies wherever their is a need. The elderly, Churches and schools have been prioritised.

The AMYA also planted 1,300 trees this week as part of its environmental campaign to help relieve the impact of flooding. This takes the total trees planted by the charity over the past year to 75,000 across England and Wales.

Anyone in need of assistance or further information about AMYA should contact the below AMYA representatives:

Mudassar Ahmad, AMYA Relief Co-ordinator based in Staines
Hazik Rahman, AMYA Communications Coordinator

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