Pic 4_IMG_7350-13Muslim Youth join forces with Sheffield CouncilOver the next few weeks, hundreds of young Muslims belonging to the largest and oldest standing Islamic Caliphate will be taking to the high streets, rail and tube stations, stadiums and airports around the UK, raising thousands of pounds for the Poppy Appeal.

On a cold 30th November morning, Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Sheffield joined forces with Sheffield City Council to help beautify one of our local parks, called Longley Park.

Around 20 volunteers from Sheffield teamed up with Sheffield Council and local community volunteers in Longley Park today to plant 500 trees. The tree’s included Mountain Ash, Oak and Silver Birch.

The teams divided up and set about competing this completing this task using a combination of hard work and teamwork.

All khuddam and external guest thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we had a great opportunity to build future working relation with guests. They were also impressed by efforts of young Muslims. The external was very impressed with our hospitality and our efforts for planting the trees and safe the environment. 

Shahzad Ahmad, Qaid Majlis Sheffield, said: ”Our volunteers have been working hard to plant as many trees as possible. We are committed to doing our bit to improve the environment and beautify the local communities we live in. It is a cause close to our hearts because Islam places enormous emphasis on taking care of the environment and particularly on the planting of trees.”

Refreshments were served at the end, including tea, coffee, onion bhajis, kebabs and sandwiches.

The event was covered in local media by ITV Calendar news, Sheffield live and on asian express newspaper.


Tree planting coverage by Sheffield live


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