1 Week after Paris, 100s of Muslims unite with community to plant trees for peace

This weekend, over a hundred members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) have been braving the cold weather to plant trees alongside local communities as a display of unity.

Forty members of the Yorkshire branch of AMYA, some as young as 8, travelled to York from Sheffield to join members of York Interfaith and Civic party guests to plant over 400 trees.

Shahzad Ahmad, local AMYA youth leader for Sheffield commented, “Despite the cold weather we had a pleasant and friendly session with members of York interfaith and we wish to continue working with each other to promote peace and harmony among the communities.”

In addition to Yorkshire, the Hertfordshire branch of AMYA teamed up with Jewish group Mitzvah Day to plant trees with the Woodlands Trust in Heartwood Forest, St. Albans. Umair Ahmad, Regional youth leader for Hertfordshire commented, “This is what true Islam teaches us, to promote peace and integration and to care for the environment.”

In Middlesex, AMYA members were joined by the Jewish Voluntary Network to plant trees with Trees for Cities.

For more information visit www.muslimsforhumanity.org.uk

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