Over 60 members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) have travelled to Cumbria today to assist with the flood relief efforts. The youth have travelled from as far as Scotland and London, Yorkshire, the North East and North West of the UK. Some of them have been travelling to the flood stricken areas daily since Tuesday to provide their assistance to residents and relief groups and services.

For many of the youth involved this is the second time they have been involved since the devastating floods of 2014. Muddassar Ahmad, National Director of Charities and Social Activities for AMYA said: “As Muslims we are duty bound to always help one another, especially when such disasters strike. Also I think it’s important that through our actions people can see the true nature of Islam. December is usually a busy month for us as we increase our charitable activities and have many homeless feeding sessions, care home visits and providing gifts for sick children during the Christmas period.”

Recent events have focused attention on young Muslims and their role in British society. AMYA has shown that not only are young Muslims proud of Britain, they go out of their way to make sure they do their bit to contribute. AMYA have various nationwide initiatives that have included blood drives where more than 6000 pints of blood have been donated, over 100,000 trees planted, more than 30,0000 food packs distributed to the homeless, visiting the sick and elderly, charity events, peace conferences and interfaith meetings. For more information visit www.muslimsforhumanity.org.uk

For media enquiries please contact the AMYA press office:

Contact: Jamal Akbar Tel: 07961 444 005

Contact: Farooq Aftab Tel: 07584 100 659

Email: press@khuddam.co.uk

Twitter: @mka_uk

Website: www.muslimsforhumanity.org.uk