This weekend more than 100 British Muslims will be cycling and hiking through Cumbria to raise money for various British charities including the Cumbria Community Foundation, CLIC Sargent and Humanity First.

Named the ‘Mercy4Mankind Charity Challenge’, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) has organised the event to showcase the positive message that is promoted by Islam in serving the community. For many it will be a return to the areas where they volunteered their time and resources to assist with flood relief efforts. Around 350 AMYA volunteers spent 7,400 man hours across 39 different locations during the December 2015 floods in Northern England. This effort was recognised by the local community of Cumbria by rewarding AMYA with the Spirit of Cumbria award a few months ago. ‘Mercy4Mankind’ refers to the title given by God to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on account of his special bond with God Almighty and intense compassion for all of God’s creation, especially for the whole of humanity.

Starting in Kendal, the group of cyclists, made up of AMYA members as well as members from the local community, will cover 2 routes, taking them from Kendal to Keswick, then onto Appleby. The hikers will follow a similar route.

The AMYA members will be sporting the community’s motto of ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’ on their jerseys. The cycle ride, titled ‘Ride4Peace’ and the charity hike are the last in a series of charity events that have been held by AMYA this year to raise vital funds for a number of British charities. The Cumbria event will be particularly focusing on raising funds for Cumbria Community Foundation, supporting the vast rebuilding operations after Storm Desmond.

Mirza Waqas Ahmad, National AMYA President said,

“This event is the perfect way to not only highlight the peaceful message of Islam, but also go one step further and be proactive in helping charities serve the most vulnerable in society”.

“At a time when there are concerns about Muslim youth being radicalised, the AMYA is calling young Muslims to a different jihad – one that serves all of humanity regardless of people’s beliefs or backgrounds. The Ride for Peace and hike is a perfect way to inculcate in our youth values of selflessness and loyalty to the country in which we reside, not just in belief but also in a practical way.”